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Austin garage floor coatings

ASC offers garage floor coatings to the customers of Austin, San Antonio and Dallas. When you look at your garage there are spots, stains and scratches everywhere that you hardly ever want to set foot in. Garage is a multi purpose room which provides space for work, storage etc. Donít let this part of your home go waste. You can transform your garage into a great workspace by applying garage floor coating.

Austin Garage floor coatings come in various colors which provide a classier appearance. Different types of Austin garage floor coatings include epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic sealer or latex. Garage coatings can resist oil, dirt, water and grease, so these can be used for workshops and laundry rooms. Dallas garage floor coatings are not only used to beautify the garage, but also protect the floor from cracking, oil, chemicals and moisture.

An Austin epoxy garage floor coating provides a professional look and feel to your floor. It can resist oil stains and it wipes up easily. Any water spilled on the floor will bead up and wipe off easily as well. Find out whether youíre concrete is suitable for epoxy. There are two types of epoxy coatings. Water based epoxy is very thin. It can be installed easily and isnít expensive. This makes the floor less slippery. If a thicker epoxy solvent is used then it can protect the concrete way better and hide everything that is uneven. Major benefits are strong adhesion, long lasting, rustproof, heat resistant etc.

ASC has been specializing in Austin garage floor coatings for many years and we offer quality paints and coatings to customers. We offer excellent garage floor coatings in different colors.