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American Specialty Coatings

Thursday, May 31, 2007

ASC Offers Garage Floor Coatings

ASC has come up with different styles of coatings to facilitate and meet the requirements of the customer around the places Houston and Texas. Garage floor coatings are also a kind of coatings which is offered in coatings to the people likes architect, manufacturer and contractor. Using the advancement of technology, garage floor coatings are offered to the Houston and Texas people with new and different levels of specialized coatings. Garage floor coatings are considered as an interior and exterior decoration and most of the people tend to install garage floor coatings for their garages. Garage floor coatings are offered with the help of dealers, installers, professionals and experts to provide complete floor coatings to the customer of Houston and Texas. Garage floor coatings offered by ASC are durable and resistance material.

Garage floor coatings consist of different bases like primer, base coat and top coat. ASC offer a precise workmanship with regards to Houston garage floor coatings, Texas garage floor coatings and come up with new and different levels of garage floor coatings to the customer. Garage Floor Epoxy Coating is also offered with Garage floor painting to give proper installation and completion of work to the people of Houston and Texas. Garage floor coatings provide more chip choices and floor color choices to come up with unique designs and colored speckles. The customer can choose any kind of chip choices with beautiful and different colors for their garage floor coatings. Xtreme garage floor coatings is not only offered in Houston and Texas, but also world wide.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Merits Provided In Coatings

Coatings offer wide range of applications, uses and advantages to the people, who use it. With the advancement of technology, coating has come up with more and new level of products in coatings. Coating provides more number of advantages to architect, contractor and manufacturers to apply coatings in different colors and designs. Some of the advantages of applying coatings are

1. American specialty coatings reduce the cost of applying and increase the efficiency using advancement of technology.

2. All types of coatings offered in our site are efficient, excellent with different colors and designs.

3. Coatings provide durability, resistance, reflection, everlasting beauty and come up with the beauty for many years.

4. Coatings save money and protect the environment against any damages. Coatings range for different applications and give a quality finish with durability and resistance.

5. Resistance to UV filters and non-toxic in nature is the next best advantage provided in coatings.

6. Coatings suits for all environment and protects and prevents the surface against corrosion and rust.

Therefore coatings serve the purpose and provide the users a finite surface with different applications and products. Nowadays, coatings have been started using by all the members of the economy and more number of people use all the different kinds of coatings available in the market. Because of its durability, resistance, efficiency and long lasting beauty, coatings have been used in garages, pools, leathers and metals.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Xtreme Metal Coatings Texas

American Specialty Coatings has come up with waterborne metal coatings for the customers of Houston and Texas with rust prevention and converter coatings. Houston metal coatings provide a durable, corrosion, water and chemical resistant layer, humidity protection, hardness development and high gloss black coatings to the customer of Houston. Xtreme metal coatings Texas have wide applications and at the time of usage, primer or finish coat should be given for metal coatings. Houston metal coatings are applicable for automobiles, floors and so on. To satisfy the demands of the customer of Houston and Texas, we provide high gloss coatings, durable and resistant metal coatings to the customer.

Xtreme metal coatings Texas offers excellent waterborne metal coatings to the customers of Texas with a corrosion protection with quality metal coatings for the surface. Houston metal coatings, Xtreme metal coatings Texas offers desire and long lasting coatings to the customer. American Specialty Coatings provides best quality metal coatings to the people to satisfy their requirements and needs in metal coatings. Xtreme metal coatings Texas prevents corrosion for the base and provides string bond to the finish. American Specialty Coatings manufacture waterborne, inorganic, chemical resistant coatings which provides and prevent against protection for the steel components.



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