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American Specialty Coatings

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Trend In Garage Floor Coating

We can see that there is a growing trend to modify residential garages and it also seems to have created huge market, where mild weather buoyant people to spend time in their garages. With the count of evaporative coolers and special heating systems, garage floor coating became useful in all four corners of the States, in all kinds of weather. As garages became additions of living spaces, the managerial requirements for the garages evolved too. One of the first steps in tailor garages, the addition of norm cabinets, might as well have led to the popularity of Texas garage floor coatings.

Many of the garage coatings on the Industrial floor coating are intended for do-it-yourselfers who are finishing their home garages as a weekend plan. If plain old gray is now well well-matched to your garages decoration, there are many basic Garage floor painting and trappings available. Color chips or quartz collectives might be added to garage coatings for a spotted or best granite effect, and stickers or decals could actually brighten up the your floor. Finishes comprise of black marble for the refined garage, a Harley mixture for the motorcycle fan, gold or silver sparkles for a startling showy look, and earth tones for the more unbiased garage.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Durable High Performance Pigments

Xtreme leather coatings offers high performance pigments to the customer around the world especially in Houston and Texas. Xtreme leather coatings, high performance pigments have come up with different and new styles of coatings to meet the requirements of the contractors and architects. High performance pigments coatings are used in air crafts, automotive, furniture and shoe leather coatings. High performance pigments are offered in competitive prices to facilitate the customer and satisfy their requirements with regards to the coatings. High performance pigments are durable and resistant material with full line of high performance.

High performance pigments which forms part of the xtreme leather coatings is an UV and heat resistant coatings. High performance pigments leather coatings are the excellent shelf life coatings with consistency viscosity. These types of coatings are very compatible with all types of binders. High performance pigments are excellent leather coatings which are offered in reasonable and competitive prices. High performance pigments are offered with respect to the fabrication techniques and equipments. Nowadays, more number of users is installing the high performance pigments leather coatings.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Kryptonite Concrete Sealers Houston

Kryptonite concrete densifiers and sealers are the coatings offered in American Specialty Coatings to the people of Houston and Texas. Concrete sealers Houston are offered in the state of Houston to facilitate the customers to use the new levels of technologies in their concrete sealers. Concrete sealers Texas are the offered in wide range of sealing material in varying designs and colors to come up with all levels of sealers. Concrete sealers and densifiers provide wide protection to the concrete surface and prevents against any resistance for the stone. Concrete sealers and densifiers offer easy applications, best performance and better maintenance and clean surface. Concrete sealers are the ideal material for coating the surface and it is inclusive of interior and exterior decorations.

Concrete sealers and densifiers do not peel, chip and scratch and it is easy to repair. Concrete sealers and densifiers are the durable and resistant material and provide protection and prevent against UV races and scratches. Concrete sealers can be used as countertops to come up with stain resistance, heat resistance and scratch resistance with easy repairing, cleaning and maintenance of the surface. Concrete sealers and densifiers are specially designed to meet the requirements of the home owners, builders, manufacturers to install on the surface. Installation of Kryptonite concrete densifiers and sealers are carried out with the help of experienced and knowledgeable installers, professionals and experts.



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