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American Specialty Coatings

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Coatings Offered In ASC

American Specialty Coatings offers wide and different variety of coatings to the people settled all over the world. Coatings are the main requirement which offers more useful services to the customer and business people around the world, particularly to the people of Houston and Texas. The different kinds of coatings offered by American specialty coatings are xtreme garage floor coatings, xtreme swimming pool coatings, ASC epoxy coatings, xtreme metal coatings, Acrylic coatings, xtreme trailer coatings, xtreme leather coatings and kryptonite concrete densifier and sealers. ASC offers services related to consulting for specialty coating solution to architects, contractors and manufacturers. We are the manufacturers who are involved in the activity of producing Texas garage floor coatings. The uses of different types of coatings are

1. Garage Floor Coating - garage floor coatings are used to apply on different garages.

2. Xtreme Swimming Pool Coatings - it is a special kind of coatings applied on swimming pools.

3. Xtreme Metal Coatings - metal coatings are form of specialty coatings which can be used to coat on metals.

4. Xtreme Leather Coatings - when people need quality leather coatings, then they can approach ASC xtreme leather coatings.

5. Kryptonite Concrete Densifier And Sealers - they are used to have finite kryptonite concrete densifier and sealers for the surface.

6. Xtreme Trailer Coatings - trailer coatings are inclusive of different kinds of coatings issued by American specialty coatings.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Appliance Of Specialty Coatings

Coatings are the excellent process which should be carried on in an effective way to come up with the complete finishing application on the surface. Coating process involves applications which end up with a thin layer of substances applied on the surface. Texas garage floor coatings, xtreme swimming pool coatings, xtreme leather coatings, Houston waterborne trailer coating, concrete floor coating, epoxy garage floor paint, leather waterproof coatings, Houston metal coatings are some and different kinds of coatings offered all over the world, particularly to the people of Houston and Texas. All these different coatings come up with unique features and they are known for their standard quality, durability, resistance.

American specialty coatings offer all the above said coatings have waterborne coating and also specialty coatings. Garage floor coatings are the popular floor coatings and nowadays, in most of the garages garage floor coatings have started installed. Not only coatings are offered but also swimming pool paint is also offered along with the coatings to ensure their quality, durability and resistance. The ASC epoxy coatings are resistant to corrosion, abrasion, chemical, peel and so on. The main purpose of applying coatings on the surface is to have immense beauty and long lasting appearance. Coatings become the most needed and essential requirement for the surface of garages, swimming pools etc.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Asc Xtreme Metal Coatings

Xtreme metal coatings Texas offers metal coatings with advanced waterborne technology. American specialty coatings provide metal coatings in different levels and also to suit wide applications. Typically Houston metal coatings can be used for automobiles, agricultural equipment, bridges, storage tanks, trailers and so on. Xtreme leather coatings Texas can be used as a primer or finish coat. Houston metal coatings have developed waterborne automotive coatings for the customer around the world, particularly for Houston and Texas people, namely ASC-AC-2400 and ASC-M-6085.

Xtreme metal coatings Texas can be applied using spray or brush. Both this metal coatings are waterborne metal coatings, rust prevention, very high gloss, no solvent smell, resistant to water, chemical, impact and converter coating. Metal coatings are more useful for the people and they exist as outdoor sign support, fencing, metal roofs and fire escapes. For heavy rust metal, American specialty coatings recommends to xtreme metal coatings Texas as primer. Houston metal coatings are more durable, resistant coatings and provide ample applications.

Friday, July 13, 2007

ASC Offers Documentation And Logistics Services

American specialty coatings offers documentation and logistics services to the customer around the world, especially people around Houston and Texas. ASC offers more number of services, benefits, references and qualifications to the people like architect, manufacturer and more other customer around Houston and Texas. We offer documentations and logistics services with regards to the shipments without creating any damages and losses to the customer and enable the customers to reach our services. Some of the services, benefits offered to the users are

  • Proof-reading of letter of credit prior to shipment.

  • Preparation of documents and documentations required for letter of credit.

  • Ensures timely and accurate services as well as negotiate and present the documents on behalf of the shipper.

  • Provides notification of payments and creates spreadsheets, reports, templates as required or requested.

  • Offer services in low cost, but with efficiency, quality, consistency, professional guidelines, time management and precision for every shipment.




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