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American Specialty Coatings

Friday, December 21, 2007

Swimming Pool Paints and Coating

Swimming pool paint from ASC epoxy coatings is a non solvent epoxy swimming pool paint lining with glass flakes incorporated. Our swimming pool paint and coatings are been used in the industry for acid protection of concrete sealer. Epoxy pool paint has been developed for the usage of reinforced swimming pool paint on old new plaster and old fiberglass. Convenient and ready-to-use swimming pool paint is available for renewing concrete, Gunite pools, wading pools and other water-holding structures. You can get several varieties of colors as well.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What is concrete floor coating?

People that desire a ground-breaking alternative to hardwood, tile, or carpet, concrete floors coating are a stunning and efficient choice. Concrete floor coatings offer a stylish surface that saves time and lessens allergies since it's so easy to clean. Unlike plain grey concrete on paths, these floors come in rich, changeable colors and glow with a waxy sheen. Many elegant interior designers and families with sensible concerns are selecting concrete floor coating as they combine the patterns of tiles with the affordability and ease of concrete. Daily washing keeps down dust, allergens, and bacteria. Area rugs could add warmth and softness if you worry that your room might look too severe or spread echoes. When looking for the best concrete floor coating or American Specialty Coatings, do consider asc-tx.com for the most excellent services.




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