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American Specialty Coatings

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Benefits of using Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

Epoxy Garage Floor Coating from ASC-TX is an attractive solid-performance, water-based concrete floor coating. It offers ongoing security against motor grease, petrol, antifreeze, salt, and other hot tire pick-up. Our tough semi-gloss finish is very easy-to-use, clean and also defies deterioration, vanishing, cracking, peeling off and blistering. It needs no priming and once assorted, is prepared for use, permitting up to 8 hours of working time (pot life).

You need to plan applying the garage floor coating only if you carry sufficient time to finish the mixing and other tools without intermission. Even though not necessary, it would certainly assist to have a subsequent person help in doing spruce areas and/or in dispersal the not obligatory paint flakes onto wet tinted surface. Interior Garage Floors are further secluded from the sun and also interior concrete surfaces.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Things to consider when applying Swimming pool Paint

Does your swimming pool paint need to be changed? Here are first two things to determine before planning to apply swimming pool paints and coatings.

Determine the type of swimming pool paint is presently used in to the pool. Most probable, it is might be either chlorinated rubber paint (that has an existence of two to three years) or Epoxy Swimming pool paint (which has a years of five to seven). The most excellent way to know for certain is to take a break off of the paint to your trader and then have it tested. It is greatest to carry on covering the pool with the same type of paint you using till now.

Determine how many number of paint coats are there on your pool walls. (Either strip off or count the number layers in a part, which is flaking or scrape through with a penknife to count the number of layers.) Painting over the coat or two is actually fine, but you'll probable to encounter troubles with bond if the old swimming pool paint is thicker than that.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Importance of Paint and Coatings

With the exclusion of solvents, all chief sections of the paint and coating substances industry would see positive gains. Product mix moves have happens due to legislative regulations restricting the discharge of volatile organic mix and dangerous air pollutants. Regardless of lesser growth, solvents would stay a chief raw material in paint formulations, partially due to the truth, which option formulations could not entirely match the act of solvent-based paints in numerous key segments.

Any alteration to environmentally acquiescent paint formulations would have an in general simulative effect on demand for the raw materials as such kinds of coatings tend to necessitate higher loadings of resins, pigments, fillers, and other additives and as well with the modifiers than usual solvent-based formulations. In these things, area materials are required to pay compensation for the condensed solvent content.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Importance of Garage Floor Coatings

Garage floor coatings are extremely important and indispensable floor coatings for the people. These days, many companies are also coming ahead to provide garage floor coatings as American Specialty Coatings to the people. The garage floor coatings are provided according to the stipulate and needs of the people. Garage floor coatings are cropped up with expansion of technology and in various different & new levels of coatings. Today, many people started realizing the importance and purpose of the garage floor coatings and have also began to install garage floor coatings.

These garage floor coatings are generally intended and provide on the demand and necessities of customers. Garage floor coatings are stated to be the most excellent coatings and it adds loveliness to any floorings. Installation of garage floor coatings must be done with the assistance of the installer or specialist or qualified company. These people possess sufficient and applicable skill and understanding in the field of garage floor coatings.



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