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Do it yourself Garage Floor Coating

It's easy to coat garage floors all you require is several materials and shielding outfits like rubber gloves; working goggles; scrub sponge or brush; a broad, flat, paintbrush; tin bucket; respirator with filters; paint roller (medium size); extension handle for paint roller; paint tray; concrete degreaser, concrete sealer, electric fan.

Follow these steps to coat your garage floorings yourself:

* Before starting the coating process on garage floors wear your protecting outfits such as goggles, respirator mask with filters and rubber gloves. In coating process of garage you may come in contact with many harmful chemicals from coating garage floor that may cause harm to your eyes, skin and to your lungs.

* After this is over clean the coating garage floor because if this is not done then dirt, oil and grease will prevent the sealer to attach to the floor garage and coating garage floor properly. Clean the concrete with scrub sponge this will help you coating garage properly. If the oil and grease strain is stubborn then wet the coating floor with the degreaser solution for 20-30 minutes to remove the stain easily.

* Once the degreasing work is completed dry the garage and proceed with further work. Coating garage floor can be applied. But don't forget to follow the coating garage floor instructions. With a small paint brush try it out on a small area of the garage first. Once you get what you wanted then proceed further. Do it part by part. Remember, while doing this you are wearing all the mentioned outfits. While coating garage floor, when the door is opened the toxic vapor might cause problem to the inhaler, so use an electric fan to throw away all the toxic air away.