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Installation of Garage Floor Coatings

Xtreme garage floor coatings are offered to the architect, contractor and worldwide manufacturer. Garage floor coatings are offered to the customer as per the requirement and demand of the customer. Garage floor coatings installation is provided to the people of Houston and Texas to come up with new and different levels of coating for their buildings. With the advancement of technology and requirements of customer, xtreme coatings are supplied to the users. Generally garage floor coating consist of primer, base coat and top coat. All these coats should be installed properly to ensure good workmanship in future. For proper and complete installation, we offer independent dealer/installer/professional to install coatings for you. We ensure that at the time of installation, proper completion will be furnished by our installer/dealer.

Once the floor is prepared for installation of garage floor coating, first apply primer coat on the surface. When the primer coat gets dried, then apply the epoxy base coat. In this wet base, choose any of the color and apply the color flakes broadly and remove the loose flakes. Using metal scraper, remove the unwanted paint chips sticking on the floor and gives a finish coat. During installation, we ensure that our installer/dealer will follow the instruction carefully and precisely. A precise garage floor coatings shows, the installation process carried over the floor. We offer garage floor coatings in different chip and floor colors to the customer to come up with different and new levels of garage floor coatings.