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An Introduction to Garage Floor Coatings

Garage floor coatings are normally made up of an epoxy product that bonds to a cement floor and dries to a ceramic-like finish. Epoxy comprises of a two component liquid mixture which, when mixed, is been used as sealant or protective finish. This material is perfect to use as a garage floor coating and for Concrete swimming pool coatings.

Garage coatings are actually becoming trendier as homeowners are regularly looking for ways to enhance their home for both visual and financial benefits. Because garages are being repurposed as workshops, fun areas, expertise rooms and home offices, more homeowners are beautifying their garage floors. Garage coatings stand firm on oil, dirt, water and also on grease that make them ideal for alternate use in laundry rooms, basements, work shops and other porches.

Many of the garage coatings on the Industrial floor coating are planned for do-it-yourselfers who are finishing their home garages as a weekend plan. If plain old gray is now well compatible to your garage's "decoration," there are many basic Garage floor painting and add-ons available. Color chips or quartz collectives might be added to garage coatings for a spotted or best granite effect, and stickers or decals could really jazz up the your floor. Finishes comprise of black marble for the refined garage, a "Harley" mixture for the motorcycle devotee, gold or silver sparkles for an amazing showy look, and earth tones for the more unbiased garage.

Garage floor coatings are a realistic way not only to smarten up your garage, but also to defend the concrete sealers floor against weathering, cracking, oil, chemicals and other moisture. Some products claim that garage coatings are in fact stronger than concrete floor coating, thereby expanding the life of your garage floor. Although it is best to hire a professional to apply garage coatings, there are many products that could be ordered online or bought at your local home development store that are low scent, self-priming and quick dry.

Coating your garage floor could even be completed during weekend. The garage coating kit you buy must come with all the essential materials. First, the garage floor should be degreased, spotless and etched, or roughed up. This permits the ASC epoxy coating to bond with the concrete sealer. Patching holes or cracks is an elective next step. Depending on the finish you desire, you might start and end with the base coat. If you select a more attractive finish, color chips might be added, followed with either one or two topcoats. The result: a tough, yet gorgeous finish of garage floor. When looking for the best Texas garage floor coating, American Specialty Coatings, or Garage Floor Epoxy Coating just consider asc-tx.com for the best result.