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Siliconate / silicate blend for sealing and densifiing concrete. ASC Kryptonite D-S is a special/proprietary blend of siliconate and silicate polymer technology that penetrates deep into concrete surfaces and chemically reacts to produce an extremely dense and durable sealed floor. The result is concrete that resists wear from abrasion, repels water and other chemicals, and reduces the appearance of tire marks and stains. ASC Kryptonite D-S will enhance the appearance of smooth, steel troweled concrete and will actually become more attractive over time.
With regular, easy maintenance, ASC Kryptonite D-S will continue to protect and beautify concrete for many years.

  • Key Benefits:
  Strengthens and seals concrete surfaces with a special/proprietary silicate siliconate blend
  Easy to apply and maintain
  Develops an attractive sheen that is enhanced as the floor ages
  Reduces tire marking and dustproofs concrete surfaces
  Repels liquids including water, oil and many chemicals
  Excellent on new or existing floors
  Backed by a solid warranty program
  VOC compliant
  • Suggestions for Use:
  Distribution Centers
  Manufacturing Plants
  Commercial and Retail Floors
  Garage Floors

•Technical Details:
Silicate in ASC Kryptonite D-S reacts with the calcium hydroxide present in concrete, producing a hard, crystalline gel called Calcium Silicate Hydrate (CSH).
This gel fills the pores in the concrete surface, making it more dense and abrasion resistant.
ASC Kryptonite D-S siliconate reacts with atmospheric carbon dioxide, catalyzed by the alkaline materials in concrete, to form a silicone polymer that provides water and chemical repellency to the concrete.
It is the dual action of both the silicate and siliconate that makes ASC Kryptonite D-S superior to any other chemical concrete Densifier or Sealer on the market.

  The silicate in ASC Kryptonite D-S reacts to form extremely hard crystals in the pores of concrete surfaces.
  The siliconate in ASC Kryptonite D-S also reacts to create a liquid-repellent silicone seal on the concrete surface.
  The combined activity of silicate and siliconate provides both a strengthened and sealed concrete surface by the action of the silicate and siliconate.

ASC Kryptonite D-S penetrates and fills the concrete pores offering better liquid repellency, hardening and chemical resistance than 100% silicate sealers

  5 gallon pail $142.50
  15 - 5 gallon pails (1 pallet) Please contact us
for larger volumes.