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• Description:
Kryptonite concrete floor cleaner/degreaser is an alkaline floor cleaner.


   Easy to use concrete cleaner
  • Emulsifying the oils from the surface making them easy to rinse away

Recommended Usage:

Cleaning of concrete floors and prep for Kryptonite D-S densifier and sealer Wet floor with a hose, pore the cleaner onto the floor scrub with a patio brush or broom. After scrubbing , the surface is rinsed with warm water and allow to dry (several days if possible). After the surface has been cleaned, the concrete is ready for further protective treatment.

Typical Properties:

  • Appearance:  Clear liquid
  Solids:  13% (+/- 1)
  • LBS/GAL:  8.8
  • Flash Point:  NA
  • pH:  9

  5 gallon pail $124.75
  15 - 5 gallon pails (1 pallet) $1,525.00