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Xtreme Leather Coating Base Coat Binders

Xtreme leather coatings offer base coat binders to the people of Houston and Texas. Base coat binders are Houston specialty coatings which are waterborne. Xtreme leather coatings offer more number of base coat binders. Xtreme leather coatings offers base coat binders in more number and like the below stated coatings LBB-8170, LBB-8642, LBB-8011 still more number of coatings are available. Xtreme leather coatings base coat binders are offered in the state of Houston and Texas as per the requirement of the users. Some of the base coat binders are


LBB-8011 base coat binders can be used primarily for corrected leathers and it can be modified with other resins to produce desired effects. LBB-8011 is a soft resin containing butadiene which produces excellent fill. It produces soft, flexible film, good plate release and it is excellent for bridging surface defects such as buffing scratches.

LBB-8920 Compact Binder

LBB-8920 compact binder is said to be the unique blend of acrylics primarily designed to use on firm, full gran leathers. LBB-8920 produces touch film and excellent wet crock physicals.

LBB-8642 Binder

LBB-8642 binder is said to be the soft medium particle binder which comes up with excellent fill, soft, flexible film. It is excellent for birding surface defects such as buffing scratches.

LBB-8170 Adhesion Enhancer

LBB-8170 is an adhesion enhancer base coat binder with fine particle size acrylic dispersion. Promotes adhesion where most stringent adhesion demands are required. It is compatible with finite finishing chemicals found on the base coats.