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Texas Xtreme Leather Coatings

Xtreme leather coatings are offered to the people of Houston and Texas. Xtreme leather coatings are performed as per the request and requirements of the customer. Texas leather coatings and Houston leather coatings are offered to the people of Houston and Texas like architect, contractor and manufacturer. With the advancement of technology, we come up with new and different levels of leather coating techniques to facilitate the customers. The installation of leather coatings has been offered using qualitative dealers, installers and professionals. Houston leather coatings and Texas leather coatings has more advantages. Xtreme leather coatings offered are durable and natural material.

Texas leather coatings are offered in different types like base coat binders, micro pigments, lacquer top coats, urethane top coats, emulsion top coats, additives, finishing oil and waxes and high performance pigments. The prices made for these leather coatings are reasonable and we supply xtreme coatings to the customer. At the time of installation of these leather coatings, we give a guaranteed installation with the help of the dealer, professional or installer. Texas xtreme leather coatings provide resistance and durability to the customer. In Texas, we furnish proper leather coating services to the customer to ensure our workmanship.