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Roofing Problems: Liquid Roof Coating is a Good Choice

A roof is the main covering of a house. When there are roofing problems, they need to be attended to, immediately. Sometimes, the roof is just old. At other times, there might be problems due to weather conditions, like hurricanes. These worn out roofs are discarded and they just fill up landfills. With a liquid roof coating you can take care of such problems. This way, the roof does not have to be replaced. The coating should be durable, complaint to standards and cost effective.

Some of the types of coatings available are – liquid roof, liquid rubber, elastomeric, acrylic, primers, Eternabond webseal etc. Some of these are elastomeric and others acrylic resin bond coatings. Each type of roof material – such as wood, metal, asbestos, asphalt and fiberglass will require a different type of liquid roof coating.

Liquid cold roofing coating is the best to repair concrete, felt, asphalt, asbestos sheeting and metal sheets. It can be used on any shape of roofs such as flat or pitched roofs. They can also be used for balconies, walkways, roof decks and air condition enclosures. It helps in sealing leaks and extends the longevity of the roof. Thus, the layers beneath also get protected. It also enhances the look of the roof and thus increases its aesthetic appeal. Old metal roofs that have mild rust can also be treated with liquid roof coating.

The main factors for durability of the roofing are that the liquid roof coating should be right. Its chemical composition should suit the roofing. The type and density of the reinforcement should also be taken into consideration. The climate of the place also matters.

Before you apply the liquid roof coating, you should clean the roof and make it free of dirt and dust. The roof should be washed and then completely dried before applying the coating. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to do the coating. The coating looks very attractive. It is enough to apply just one coat. It does not require a primer and can be directly applied to the roofing. This application is done by a brush, roller, sprayer or spread with a squeegee. After it is applied you have a hundred percent chemically cured roofing which is very durable. The roof is protected from water damage, strong winds and from the ultra violet radiation. The coating does not crack, shrink, peak or flake, thus making it the perfect choice.

Care should be taken to apply the coating when the weather conditions are favorable, as it would be good to allow about sixteen to twenty hours for it to dry. It will take up to three to six hours to do the coating. You should pick a time when it is not raining. It can withstand extreme temperatures - right from 62degrees to 300 degrees F. It is water proof and is compatible with all types of surfaces.

Liquid roof coating is hence, the solution to all roofing problems. It not only makes the house look attractive, as it is available in many colors, but also helps in sealing any type of roof. In the long run it is good to use a coating suitable for your roof. Check out websites and stores near your home, to find out what liquid roof coating will suit your home. Then go ahead and get the advice of experts. This will help you to find the correct liquid roof coating for your roof.