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Steps to get sparking garage floor coatings

Car and bike lovers just love to pamper their vehicles, itís not an unusual sight to notice them every weekend to clean their vehicle thoroughly and notice even the minute details like scrape of paint from their vehicle. It is interesting to see them taking care for their vehicle in a similar fashion as they do for their kids. The garage is the place where we keep our vehicle and we wish to have a showroom experience when we drive into our house garage. But this is not the case with many garages; garage may be fully equipped with all tools hanging on the pegboard but what about the floor coating do you feel happy when you step on to it. If the answer is no, then you need to have an epoxy floor coating. Epoxy not only provides smoother floor coating but it resists oil, beads water and cleans smoothly as kitchen countertops. So to get an admirable garage floor coating, all you need to have is a free weekend where you can spend up to four hours a day, stamina to slide all the tools, some money (approx $160) and climate with high temperature so that the coating could dry easily and you can be assured to have garage as a place worth driving up to and also a place to show off.

The application of epoxy painting is very simple once the colors are selected and cleaning is done properly. The below mentioned explanation is a step by step guide that will help you to get the required sparkling garage floor coating.

The first step is that you need to clean the area which has to be coated thoroughly. Sweep the floor properly including the corners of the floor with an old paint brush. Ensure that you stick plastic sheets on the walls so that they do not have any stains of epoxy coating. Rinse the floor and let it dry for atleast four hours. If you want to check if the floor has been cleaned thoroughly or not, then you can stick a strip of duct tape and allow it to dry, then remove and check if there are any dust particles, if the answer is yes then you need to wash the floor once more.

The next step is to scrape the floor and remove all the stubborn, hard oil patches. Mix the solution in a plastic can as per the instructions given (different etching solutions have varying mixing specifications) on the can. Wet the floor, pour the solution and scrub it in same direction using a bristle broom. Continue the process in smaller sections for better results, ensure that you wear hand gloves, rubber boots and safety glasses as you are working with chemicals. After this, you need to rinse the entire floor with a garden hose to and fro. Allow the floor to dry.

Next open the epoxy paint can, mix it for two to three minutes and then start mixing epoxy fasteners. Continue to stir until both of them have mixed thoroughly.

Once the epoxy solution is ready, you need to rush up because the paint must be used within two hours. Pour the paint in a roller tray and start painting from the borders and then move ahead.

Start rolling the epoxy paint from the exit point of the garage to the corners. It is to be noted that the epoxy should be thicker than other paints. Immerse the roller again in the paint for application in perpendicular direction. Incase you want double coating then finish one coating and allow it to dry for 15-24 hours and once it is dried you can coat the second time. After the first coating sprinkle the colored flakes evenly to all areas by taking them in your hands and allow them to dry.

For the final coat pour the hardener in the paint and stir well. Use a clean paint brush and continue the same process as you did for the first coat and allow it dry and then you can experience the beautiful feel to drive your vehicle in a showroom at your garage itself.