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Texas Xtreme Metal Coatings

ASC offers new range and decorative popular metal coatings with high durability applications to the customer of Houston and Texas. Metal coatings are specifically offered for automobiles with advanced metal coatings. Houston metal coatings are a simple process which protects the surface of molds and mold components from erosion caused by abrasive fillers. Metal coatings like solvent based coatings and powder coatings are simple coatings, where pigments can be added with a mix to have uniform coatings all over. Houston and Texas metal coatings give uniform and finished coatings with different levels of product coatings. Waterborne metal coatings designed specifically to meet the requirement of metal rust corrosion control.

Metallic powder coatings are process where polymers like acrylic, polyester are applied to substances to protect and have everlasting beauty on the surface. Powder coatings are the painting process used as a powdered rather than solvent solution. Metal powder coatings comes up with full protection, durability, resistance to chemical, rust and any other abuse products. An ASC metal coatings increase rapidly for its unique metal technology in production and designs and it is suitable for wide applications. Houston metal coatings come up with competitive prices and decorative metallic product available in the market to satisfy the requirements of the customers.


Metal coatings have unique features and provide more benefits to the customer of Houston and Texas. Metal coatings do not require any specialized processing equipments. Texas metal coatings come up with good displays of adhesion properties to all substances. Houston xtreme metal coatings are good to apply on vertical surfaces. During coatings, it is easy to apply, use and it also dries very fast. Metal coatings are adhesive material which is durable, resistant to corrosion, chemical and rust. Houston and Texas metal coatings are UV resistant and non-toxic in nature.


Waterborne metal coatings provide excellent performance to the users, architect, contractors and manufacturers. Metal coatings are adhesive material, durable, resistant to humidity, water, corrosion, chemical and impact. It is a UV resistant, non-toxic and hard wearing. Houston and Texas metal coatings come up with unique properties like durability, resistance, corrosion and flexibility with semi gloss finish.


Houston and Texas waterborne metal coatings provide wide metal coatings to the customers of Houston and Texas. Metal coatings are suitable for automotive chassis coatings, Waste Haulers & Dumpsters, Structural Steel and Pipelines. A metal coating adheres to all metals with a standard color black. Metal coatings are also available in custom colors with metal rust corrosion control coatings.